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Stretch & challenge reading horizons:


Stories are the best bits of life.

8 years plus – the reader is away on the adventure with our protagonist. Keeping them glued as their reading blossoms is key, and our adventurer won’t disappoint.

We’re empowering our readers to think big, we’re insightful and inspirational. Our readers will be encouraged to be brave, be vulnerable, fail, re-set and much more.


Our true engagement ethos is classic: windows and mirrors. Windows to provide insights into the lives of others and mirrors reflecting their own.

What the letter book subscription includes



Each letter will be addressed directly to your child -  creating the  excitement of having their own post. as well as your childs first name being featured in very story.



Our Books are designed to take your child back to the story multiple times – with maps, problems to solve and decisions to make. The adventurer's answers are in the next chapter and you simply have to wait to find out.



You will receive 2 letters a month every too weeks. Each letter will include the next chapter to the story, plus bonus maps, pictures and stories to solve in the chapter.

- First month -

Get 10% Off

- Using Code WORLDBOOKDAY at check out -

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