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Image by Pietro De Grandi

Imagination - the sky’s the limit. 


Stories are the best bits of life.

Our 5-7 year olds will receive books designed to encourage and inspire their imagination whilst secretly developing comprehension skills, full of talking points and cliff hangers – just what will happen next? What would you have done there? Even the most reluctant readers will feel encouraged.

What the letter book subscription includes



Excitement is created as your child receives their own post, and are directly referenced within every letter.



Our Books are designed to take your child back to the story multiple times – with the adventurer posing questions that need thought and can be discussed at home or school.  The adventurer’s choices will be revealed in the next chapter, where you will discover if you would have made the same decision, or had a better idea.



You will receive two letters a month.  Each letter will include the next chapter to the story, with occasional bonus maps and problems to solve.

- First month -

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